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Welcome to the Map Guide to Finding Movie Locations. This site offers movie location aficionados the ability to search for some of the most popular historical movie locales of a bygone era. Unfortunately, many of these sites have long suffered the ravages of time in the form of progress and are merely of historical interest only since they no longer exist.

Others locales, such as land, have been subdivided into smaller parcels of real estate and sold to housing or commercial developments occasionally leaving a tiny residual neighborhood park that bears no resemblance to the original filming landscape. Yet, some sites still exist in their original form, at least in part, especially if they attracted the interest of the Bureau of Land Management for preservation as a County or State Park. Therefore, with this in mind and due to popular demand, maps of these locations are being made available for our loyal readers. Additional site maps may be added periodically.

Click on Location in drop down box and zoom in to view a map of a particular locale. For any suggestions regarding this site please contact us.